Verification Of Measuring Instruments, Measurement Standards

ACEE provides safety technical inspection and testing, calibration and verification services for measuring instruments and measuring standards.

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Verification of measuring instruments and measurement standards is an activity of assessing and certifying metrological technical characteristics of measuring instruments according to metrological technical requirements.

The measuring instruments of group 2 must be tested initially before being put into use, periodically during use, and after repair. Group 1 measuring instruments are tested voluntarily at the request of relevant organizations and individuals.

Group 2 measuring instruments are measuring instruments used to quantify goods and services in purchase and sale, payment, safety assurance, community health protection, environmental protection, inspection, judicial expertise and are controlled in other official activities according to metrological requirements specified in current Vietnamese metrology technical documents. The list of measuring instruments, measurement control measures and measuring instrument inspection cycle are specified in the Circular 23/2013/TT-BKHCN of the Ministry of Science and Technology issued on September 26, 2013.

Group 1 measuring instruments are measuring instruments not on the list of group 2 measuring instruments.
The organization that is accredited for group 2 measuring instruments is an organization designated to verify measuring instruments and measurement standards. The General Department of Standards, Metrology, and Quality will issue a decision to appoint groups of organizations to be certified for group 2 measuring instruments.
The list of group 2 measuring instruments in the field of electrical and electromagnetic measurement includes:

+ Single phase AC meter
+ 3-phase AC meter
+ Variable measuring current
+ Measurement transformer
+ Means of measuring insulation resistance
+ Means of measuring ground resistance
+ Means of measuring electrocardiogram
+ Means of measuring electroencephalogram

A Chau Electric Energy Joint Stock Company (ACEE) is an organization appointed to inspect measuring transformers and current transformers measuring voltage up to 38.5kV, current up to 5000A.
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