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Inspection of electrical equipment and tools according to Circular 33/2015/TT-BCT is the technical safety inspection of electrical equipment and tools, evaluating according to the process of safety level of equipment and power tools before being put into use, during use, and operated on the basis of relevant technical standards and regulations.

According to Appendix 1 of Circular 33/2015/TT-BCT issued on October 27, 2015 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the list of electrical equipment and tools must be tested and used in an environment without danger of flammable gas and explosive dust, with a voltage of 1000V or more, including:

+ Surge protection valve
+ Transformer
+ Cutter
+ Power cable
+ Isolation breaker, earthing breaker
+ Insulation pole.
First test:
+ The first inspection is performed before putting into use and operating electrical equipment and tools

Regular inspection:
+ Periodic inspection is carried out during the use and operation of electrical equipment and tools;
+ For electrical equipment in the line that is in operation, which cannot be separated for individual inspection, is inspected according to the overhaul cycle of the equipment line, except for the case where abnormal inspection is required.
+ For electrical equipment not listed above, periodically inspected according to the manufacturer's regulations, but not exceeding 36 months for electrical equipment and tools specified in Appendix I issued together with this Circular. Circular No. 33/2015/TT-BCT

Abnormal check:
+ Perform at the request of a competent state agency or when the problem has been fixed or at the request of organizations/individuals using and operating electrical equipment and tools.
The inspection of electrical equipment and tools is carried out by an inspection organization that meets the requirements in Article 9 of Decree No. 107/2016/ND-CP dated July 1, 2016 of the Government on business conditions for conformity assessment services and is granted a certificate of registration of inspection activities by the Ministry of Industry and Trade according to regulations.

Asia Electric Energy Joint Stock Company has been granted the registration certificate of digital safety inspection 1691/GCNHĐKĐ-BCT dated June 30, 2021 for electrical equipment and power tools used in the environment without combustible gas and explosive dust according to Appendix I of Circular 33/2015/TT-BCT.
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