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ACEE provides electrical testing services for civil, industrial, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, wind energy and power transmission systems in Vietnam and within the region.

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ACEE is a unit that is always assigned to perform testing, calibration of electrical equipment, analysis and assessment of faults occurring in the Power System, evaluation of equipment according to safety technical requirements, helping to ensure that electrical tools and equipment to ensure safety before being put into use and during use.

These devices include those with a high level of risk, when an incident can have a great impact on people, property and the environment. Therefore, equipment must be tested and registered before being put into use. During use, the equipment must also be periodically inspected (the time between the two tests depends on the type and condition of the equipment).

We usually perform the following types of electrical experiments:

New experiment

Experimenting with electrical equipment, electrical works about to be put into operation (testing after installation) or testing the quality of equipment before being shipped.

1. In the process of transporting equipment to be installed at the factory, due to the process of moving equipment and components, it may be bumped, jostled, and the storage and transportation environment also affects the operation performance. device motion.

2. In fact, many designs are still wrong compared to the actual operating principles of the equipment, the installation parameters need to be adjusted according to the allowed values ​​or according to the manufacturer, in addition, the construction connection error is inevitable. Therefore, ACEE's team of testers will check and adjust to bring the system back to safe operating parameters.

3. In addition, the pre-commissioning test also helps to provide a database of the initial status of equipment and systems for planning monitoring, operation monitoring, and periodic maintenance planning.
1. Factory testing to ensure the quality of equipment manufactured according to design. In the production process, this stage is always the last step before delivering the product to the consumer. It is the responsibility as well as building the reputation of the manufacturer with customers on the quality of its products

2. Types of factory testing include Type tests or Design Tests; Routine Tests or Factory Tests. Additionally, in factory testing there is the concept of special tests (Special Tests).
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Periodic testing

Conduct testing of electrical equipment and power system periodically after a period of time (6 months, 1 year, 2 years…) to evaluate the quality of current equipment and systems to proactively come up with an appropriate operation plan of upgrading and repairing to meet the unit’s production plan in a timely manner.

The purpose of periodic testing for electrical equipment and electrical systems is:

1. Monitor the technical parameters related to the quality as well as the working ability of the equipment

2. Timely identification of damaged or degraded equipment, thereby proposing repair plans as well as establishing a plan to overhaul equipment or change other equipment
The frequency of inspection shall be fixed at the discretion of the person responsible for the management of the equipment, but the shortest period shall be limited to three years. The lengthening or shortening of the test cycle should be considered and assigned by the person responsible for the management of the equipment based on a graph of actual problems occurring with the equipment. This test cycle must be determined by the person responsible for the management of the equipment.

Post-Repair Experiment

Testing electrical equipment after being repaired to evaluate the quality of electrical equipment to ensure that the problem has been fixed and the equipment is ready to operate again.

The purpose of post-repair testing is to evaluate the quality of equipment after the problem is fixed and ready to be put back into operation. In addition, the post-repair testing also helps to provide a database of equipment after the incident to serve the management and supervision during the operation of the equipment.
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