Dong Nien 110KV Substation

Dong Nien 110kV transformer station (E8.1) in zone 5, Viet Hoa ward, Hai Duong city was built in 1977.

Project Information

Client: Hai Duong Power One Member Corporation Ltd
Deployed in: Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province
Service:  Testing and Commisioning for Electrical Equipments

Dong Nien 110kV transformer station (E8.1) in zone 5, Viet Hoa ward, Hai Duong city was built in 1977. Initially the substation was operated with transformer T1-25MVA-115/38.5/6, 6.6kV, which is the only 110kV station supplying power to the entire Hai Duong province and 2 districts of Yen My and Van Giang in Hung Yen province.

Currently, the station is operating with 04 110kV transformers, with a total capacity of 206MVA; main power supply for the loads of Hai Duong city and neighboring districts.

The first equipment on the 110kV, 35kV and 22kV side of the Dong Nien 110kV station are all equipment that have been operating for a long time, operating unstable, especially the equipment on the 110kV, 35kV side and the busbar cabinet system: C42, C43. The station’s control and protection relay system is currently using old-generation digital protection relays, the functions are not enough according to the regulations and requirements, and there is no IEC61850 connection standard.

Participating in the large-scale repair and renovation project, modernizing the Dong Nien 110kV substation, Asia Electric Energy Joint Stock Company (ACEE) plays the role of a contractor to perform the test and calibration of the components. first and second equipment of the project. With a team of experienced technicians, working day and night continuously, overcoming many difficulties due to short power cut time for construction, the situation of COVID-19 epidemic is still tense. ACEE has coordinated with the investor, construction units, completed the project energizing on schedule, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

After renovating Dong Nien 110kV station from an old operating control station, it was changed to unmanned station, thereby improving the operational stability of power supply for Hai Duong city and neighboring districts, contributing to meet the needs of socio-economic development of the province.

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